1895 ‘Blackburn man drops penny’

Since we started renting land from the National Capital Commission in the late 80’s we’ve been finding all kinds of artifacts from days gone by. Horseshoes of all different sizes and shapes, as well as nuts and bolts, and various pieces of metal that had fallen off of old machinery. Last week my younger brother James was visiting my brother Dave in the fields and was walking behind the cultivator when his eagle eye spottedĀ  an old penny, a 1895 Canadian penny with a young Queen Victoria on it. In days gone by these fields were worked by my wife Evelyn’sĀ  family, the Kemp’s, so maybe this penny belonged to her great grandfather Adam. What a strange time to find this treasure, this being Budd Gardens 100 years in Blackburn anniversary. Photos of coin taken from web (coin from field was worse for wear) and man in buggy is Adam Kemp.

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  1. James Budd says:

    I have a small collection of pre-confederation Canadian coins that I have enjoyed putting together. But this was by far my favorite find, because I didn’t find it at a flea market or in a shop — but right were it was actually lost by someone many years ago!

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