Visiting Cousins

In the late 1950’s my granny’s sisters family would visit us on the farm in Blackburn. Back then we were way out in the boonies so visits were infrequent. I was about 8 or 9 and my cousins the Gravelle’s and Kaluski’s were the same age, some a bit older. These ‘city slickers’ would be shown the chickens and cows that granny looked after, maybe gather a few eggs or do some milking. A tractor ride down the fields was a must with each taking a turn driving if they were brave enough, age had little to do with it. The adults would catch up on news and we kids would play in the barn or climb some of the huge willow trees we had. It seems so long ago and I guess it is, over 50 years.

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  1. Elaine von Tobel says:

    I love the picture and will go through mine (when I get free time) and if I find any of interest, will let you know. I do remember visiting the farm, the bull (scary) and the home.

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