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Green Zebra

Green Zebra

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Heirloom variety
Large Sized Fruit
Indeterminate plant
Size: 4.5" deep perennial pot


Image Credit:
Germania Seed
Sun Exposure:
Full Sun
Bloom Time:
All summer

This is the most unusual variety you will ever grow. Fully ripened fruits are bright green, with stripes of a still lighter green. Unique and attractive, round, smallish, 2-4 oz. fruits have an excellent real tomato flavor. Delectable flavor is sweet but tangy. Determinate bush habit.

What is an “indeterminate tomato’?

Indeterminate tomatoes will grow and produce fruit until killed by frost. They can reach heights of 6-12 feet. Plants can be staked or allowed to trail on the ground.

What is an ‘heirloom tomato’?

Heirloom tomatoes are the varieties that our Grandmothers and Grandfathers grew. They are extremely flavourfull and juicy with a thin skin. They come in odd colours from striped green, to purple and black to all shades of red and yellow. They come usually in strange shapes and sizes from small to giant. Delicious to eat whole or in sandwiches or in salads or sliced and put in oil and seasoned.