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Strawberry 'Berried Treasure Red' (Sold Out)

Strawberry 'Berried Treasure Red' (Sold Out)

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Common Name: Ornamental And Edible Everbearing Strawberry
Colour: Red

Size: 4.5" deep perennial pot

24 in
16 in
Image Credit:
Walters Gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 4
Sun Exposure:
Full Sun
Bloom Time:
All Summer

These everbearing strawberries from ABZ Seeds are best shown off in containers to show off their snack-sized, highly flavorful fruit. These strawberries have restrained runners, which make growing them in containers easy, although they will do just as well in the landscape. Since these are day length neutral, you can enjoy their semi-double flowers in addition to their tasty fruit.Semi-double, red flowers.


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