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Geranium 'Alpenglow'

Geranium 'Alpenglow'

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Common Name: Cranesbill
Flower: Pink
Container Size: 2 quart pot

1 geranium sanguineum alpenglow99


18 in
18 in
Image Credit:
Walters Gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 4
Sun Exposure:
Sun To Part Shade
Bloom Time:
Late Spring Mid Summer
Groundcover, Drought Tolerant

Cup-shaped, lavender-pink flowers appear above a carpet of deeply lobed, green foliage from late spring thru midsummer. This is an especially strong grower and long-blooming selection, and it will benefit from being deadheaded. The intricately cut leaves are green for most of the season but earn their namesake from the brilliant crimson-red they turn in fall. This species is so adaptable that it handles both hot summer and cold winter climates with ease.


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