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Hemerocallis 'Be Fruitful and Multiply' New 2024

Hemerocallis 'Be Fruitful and Multiply' New 2024

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HST (13%)
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Common Name: Daylily
Flower: Purple Shades
Container: 3 quart

24 in
30 in
Image Credit:
walters gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3
Sun Exposure:
sun to part shade
Bloom Time:
midsummer rebloomer

This mid-size daylily will bring a bounty of blooms to your garden. 5½" ruffled flowers are light purple with dark wine-purple eyes and matching thin edges. The color contrasts well with a bright green throat that really pops. Compared with 'Always Afternoon' flower color is richer and the scapes stand over a half a foot taller.