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Dianthus 'Red Rouge' New 2023

Dianthus 'Red Rouge' New 2023

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HST (13%)
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Common Name: Pinks
Flower: Red Shades
Container: 2 quart

20 in
8 in
Image Credit:
Walters Gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 4
Sun Exposure:
full sun
Bloom Time:
all summer

Burgundy red flowers have rosy pink flecking and edges. Each bloom is slightly serrated for additional texture. Flowers are notably large for single Dianthus at 1½" wide.

In the carnation family, Dianthus cultivars deliver gorgeous single, semi-double, and fully double flowers. Singles tend to deliver more flowers while doubles are significantly larger, sometimes more than twice the size. Singles also tend to grow quicker and can appear like a carpet in the landscape at maturity.