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Artemisia 'Silver Lining' New 2024

Artemisia 'Silver Lining' New 2024

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HST (13%)
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Common Name: White Sagebrush
Foliage: Silver/Gray Shades
Container: 3 quart

36 in
16 in
Image Credit:
walters gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 4
Sun Exposure:
full sun

A hybrid of native North American species including Artemisia ludoviciana. 'Silver Lining' finds the best in its parentage as a spectacular, durable foliage perennial. Broadly dissected silver leaves are showy from spring to fall. The mounded, low wide habit maintains perfect form all season and resists opening up. Use this perennial as a filler in the landscape and spiller in mixed containers. Buff yellow flowers are held on tall scapes. Flowering is not significant and this plant should be considered primarily for its foliage.