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Peony 'Duchess de Nemours'

Peony 'Duchess de Nemours'

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Common Name: Garden Peony
Flower: White
Container: 1.6 gallon

24 in
34 in
Image Credit:
Walters Gardens
Hardiness Zone:
zone 3
Sun Exposure:
sun to part shade
Bloom Time:
late spring

Fragrant, milky white, globe-shaped blossoms with green carpels and a yellow center glow are produced profusely in late spring. This double variety has particularly attractive foliage and strong stems.

Peonies are classic garden plants that add a bit of nostalgia and charm to the garden. Their fragrant blooms and lush foliage have made them popular for years, and with the recent resurgence in breeding, they will continue to improve. Peonies are simple to grow and can be utilized in many ways, including mass plantings, specimens, or hedges. By choosing a mixture of early, midseason, and late blooming varieties, you can have blooms for up to 6 weeks.


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