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Hemerocallis 'Red Hot Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Red Hot Returns'

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Common Name: Daylily
Flower: Red
3 quart container


24 in
24 in
Image Credit:
Walters Gardens
Hardiness Zone:
Sun Exposure:
Sun to part shade
Bloom Time:
Midsummer To Late Fall, Rebloomer

Brilliant cherry red, ruffled blossoms have a brightly contrasting yellow halo and an apple green throat. They rest just above the dark green foliage, held up there like a bouquet all summer long.

It is a vigorous grower that readily increases its foliage and like EARLYBIRD CARDINALâ„¢, it produces several flower scapes per fan. This daylily begins blooming in early midseason and repeats bloom all the way into fall.  In zone 7, there are typically about 105 day of bloom. And since it's an extended bloomer, each flower remains open for at least 16 hours.

Daylilies can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot including: polluted city environments, slopes, poor and dry soils, near pavement that is salted in winter, and under Black Walnut trees (not affected by juglone).

Characteristics (Compared to Other Daylilies)
  • Early Midseason Bloomer, blooming in early July.
  • Rebloomer, producing a second set of flowers.
  • Extended Bloom with flowers staying open at least 16 hours.
  • Semi-Evergreen foliage.
  • Diploid with 22 chromosomes. Most plants are Diploids.

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